OEM – MRO Parts Suppliers

Supplying global leaders with OEM and MRO parts, Crossen Engineering offers superior quality products to the airline industry.

Focusing on aerospace and continually improving part quality our metal pressing expertise is used greatly in the specialist metal forming processes. Increased component integration and, part cost reduction have been some of the benefits of this.

Our success has been based on a commitment to providing each customer with an ideal engineering solution, when and where it is required, every time. Continually training and developing our staff ensures that we always offer the highest standard in both service and our products

Other Services available are

  • Identification of issues through an analytical description of the process parameters,
  • Material yield behaviour, and the creation of an optimisation method that eliminates the need for expensive industrial trialling.
  • The optimisation methods that require digital design information and can therefore be applied at any stage in the product life cycle.
  • Feasibility assessment of proposed geometry and material combination;
  • Split line positioning optimized for stretch forming process;
  • Tool surface design for stretch forming process; and,
  • Optimisation of current stretch forming production processes.

Crossen Engineering uses the latest methods of press tooling, ranging from single stage operation to multi stage progression. We also have vast experience in Draw tools, from simple square components to deep complex formed shapes. We take on tools of all sizes some weighing up to as much as 2 tonnes.

Our tool room can handle suites of tools with kits of up to 30 – 50 tools done in the past. We also boast the ability to prove our tooling with presses ranging from a fly press up to our 500T press, this ability alone means customers can expect to receive tools on time and proven so ready to go straight to production.

Through the use of our in house CMM services and working to AS9100 ensures a high standard of product quality is always achieved to the highest level.