Specialist Metal Forming

Crossen Aerospace is the UK’s leading manufacturer of pressed, high temperature alloy components for aero engines. The company is one of the very few in the UK and indeed in Europe able to undertake this exacting forming work to aerospace standards. Hastelloy X, RENE 41 and Inconel 600 are among the sheet and plate materials regularly processed. Volume production is carried out using 17 power presses at Newtownards rated from 35 to 500 tonnes force.

Pioneered several years ago, Crossen’s forming technique reduces the weight and cost of components such as engine air seals, compared machining them from solid form or from castings. It also offers a more repeatable and accurate result than can be achieved by roll forming.

Another application is the manufacture of engine nacelle trailing-edge lip skin extensions and repair sections from sheet metal, currently aluminium but perhaps also titanium in the future. Using the latest technologies we aim to achieve

  • Improved part quality
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced labour content
  • Reduction in energy input
  • Reduction in material waste and
  • Increased component integration.

Due to the novel method of forming that Crossen Aerospace has developed, there is no need for subsequent heat treatment, reducing cost of manufacture and shortening lead times.

Pressworking batch size is normally in the range 100- to 400-off. Second-operation metalcutting on pressed components is completed on multi-axis CNC machining centres with capacities up to 1,626 x 864 x 762 mm. We also make fixtures to assist in measurement and inspection of aircraft parts.