We Are A Responsible Manufacturer

As a leading responsible manufacturer, we have a long term strategy to reduce waste & minimise energy consumption throughout all stages of manufacturing.

We are committed on reducing our impact on the environment through sustainable development. This includes:

  • Utilising lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Investment in energy efficient automation & machinery.
  • Careful material procurement from trusted suppliers.

Crossen Engineering has invested in renewable energy in the form of solar panels since 2022. This helps to minimise our dependancy upon less sustainable energy sources.
Our company has a long established philosophy of recycling & landfill avoidance.

We are always looking at new ways to reduce our footprint and impact on the environment by having a programme of continuous improvement.

How We Can Help You With Sustainability?

  • Through working with trusted material suppliers.
  • Advancements in a wide range of material options.
  • Expert advice on material selection.
  • Experienced design & lean manufacturing input into sustainable products.

What are the sustainable options?

  • Additives made from organic, waste & recycled materials.
  • Substitute to oil based resins for more sustainable parts.
  • Using recycled thermoplastics for environmentally friendly products.
  • Bio-based grades help to minimise impact with compostability.
  • Plant based materials derived from renewable agriculture.
  • Compliant food & non-food approved grade options.
Granules - Crossen Image 2